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About Us

Our Mission and Purpose

The mission of Monadnock Worksource is to provide and foster quality life experiences for individuals with disabilities.


Our vision is to build partnerships between contributing members within our local communities where people accept, respect, and value each other’s individuality, abilities, and differences.

Our Philosophy

Every person is valued as a unique individual, with individual strengths and preferences.

Our Support Services Strive to: 

  • encourage and respect the choices of the people we serve and their families and guardians


  • foster confidence, self esteem, personal growth, and interdependent relationships


  • empower those we support to work toward achieving their goals

  • develop and foster a network of community support to help attain these goals

  • promote the use of community connections and resources including family, friends, neighbors, businesses, and interested community members and services

  • afford the people we serve with opportunities to excel as contributing, productive members of their local communities as neighbors, friends, employees, volunteers

  • develop partnerships within our communities between people of all abilities 

  • develop and support opportunities for productive and meaningful life experiences 

  • celebrate individual expression and respect for individual differences

Excellent Staff

We are very fortunate to have an outstanding group of staff members.  Many of our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and our managers have been with our organization for many years, enriching our services with a wealth of experience and expertise.

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